• November 2013

    Another weekend of fun events have just passed,  Nicky once again did the Viva La Gong festival in Wollongong and luckily the weather held out!!! 

    I did my first Bowral market and really enjoyed it,  this market has to have some of the best food products I ever seen available via the markets.  The fresh produce and variety of stalls gives this market as sense of quality and for the market goer,  the choice of excellent Deli,  fresh local fruit and veg is a big bonus.

    Unfortunately the weather did close in on Sunday and we were unable to do Huskisson Markets,  so we look forward to next month for those who will be doing some Xmas shopping with us.

    Our next shipment is arriving in the next couple of weeks,  so long as the strikes in Kathmandu don't go on for too long.  The Election in Nepal has caused a few headaches as some parties have called for strikes due to some grievances they have with the process.  Hopefully all will work itself out and the Nepali people will get a Government that the people will be proud of.

    We have had a really good response thus far to our website and look forward to adding more products over the summer and giving everyone who visits a pleasant shopping experience.