It still seems quite surreal to me that more than one month ago (Anzac day 2015) I was in Nepal when the devastating earthquake hit….It was with mixed emotions that I made it home relatively quickly and safely to my family and friends here in Australia, leaving behind my friends in Nepal who have had to endure some very difficult times to say the least! Not a day goes by that I do not think of them and how lucky I was.

Most are still sleeping (resting) outside at night whether they are lucky enough to still have their houses standing or not….only in the day time are they venturing indoors….having been dealt a second blow with another massive earthquake on the 11th May, many can not relax….aftershocks continue to cause stress and new problems…so much for our Nepali friends to deal with on so many levels.

So, as our Nepali friends would say, "what to do?" Amidst the despair, Nepalis are helping one and other and doing what they can to survive and move forward. There are many Nepali NGO's delivering food and much needed basic supplies along with water and temporary shelters.

Our good friend Pradip Sapkota, along with a group his friends, established one such group called 'Nepal Children's Welfare Society" more than 7 years ago. They have been working tirelessly to deliver aid since the first quake. At the moment their focus is on providing tin roofing so that this can be used as temporary shelter now (with the approaching monsoon), and can also be used in the future as permanent roofing.

So, what can we do?? We are in the process of setting up a charity fund with our good friend Fiona from PASHOM, so we can support individuals and communities along with NGO groups like Nepal Children's Welfare Society. Our aim will be to support grass roots Nepali NGO's so that 100% of the funds will go directly to those who need it not only now but into the future.

In the meantime, check our facebook page for details of up and coming fundraising events, and thanks to everyone for your continued support!





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