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sammunnat nepal ethikIn Nepalese, Samunnat means “flourish”, and that is what this grassroots Nepali NGO aims to achieve. Est. in 2006 when a group of Nepali friends realised that many Nepali women were and still are extremely vulnerable to domestic violence and exploitation. Helping these women escape the situations or giving them financial assistance was a short-term and ultimately short-sighted solution. So, they decided to provide free or affordable legal advice, advocacy and human rights training, income-generating skills training, counselling and also a safe house for them and their children.  The skills training involved the women learning the art of making beads from polymer clay. The end results speak for themselves in the intricate designs that the ladies create. We fell in love with the story, the ladies and the beads or “wearable art” that the ladies create, and feel proud to support these women on their journey.



love stories ubud ethikMeet Tess, the founder of “Love Stories" Bali, born in the summer of 2016, her story began when she decided to make a shift from a corporate career in New York to community service in Jakarta. A stop in Bali changed that idea and through some chance meetings, Tess embarked on a journey that would ultimately see her working with local artisans and their traditional methods of cloth making, which is slowly disappearing with the modern world’s fast fashion. Specialising in pyjamas, profits from the sale of the pyjamas are donated to children's education. Tess's success has meant she can exhibit more artisan’s work, like the recycled plastic baskets we lovingly stock!