handmade vegan soap bar


handmade vegan soap bar


All our soap bars are 100% vegan and handcrafted in Nepal using traditional soap making methids. To help you choose the right soap for you, here is a short guide on each soap variety:

* GOOD KARMA helpful in maintaining youth, energising and uplifting your mood

* JASMINE beneficial for acne and other skin disorders

*HONEY is widely used as it has excellent moisturising porporties

* YAK MILK derived from the female yak which is rich in Himalayan wild and natural flora. It works as a natural emollient which sooths, moisturises and nourishes the skin. Good for dry and mature skin as it helps to protect the skin cells from ageing

* LEMONGRASS is known for its antibacterial, uplifting and refreshing properties. It's beneficial for acne and other skin disorders as it deeply clenses the skin

* MEDITATION a mild and gentle blend of essential oils, this soap helps to bring mental 

* TUMERIC MILK a mild and gentle soap turmeric is said to have properties that help with ageing 

* HEMP a natural moisturiser, hemp seed oil is considered to be an excellent product for overall skin care

* APRICOT OIL a combination of Apricot oil and churee butter which helps the skin retain its natural moisture 

* COFFEE Scrub a deep cleansing soap bar that energises your skin leaving it nice and smooth

* CUCUMBER a naturally hydrating soap that will help to hydrate skin cells ans improve complexion

* FACE a mild and gentle soap to cleanse and refresh and moisturise your face all in one 

• 100% vegan

• handmade in Nepal with ❤️

• each bar weights 100 grams

• packaged in natural, handmade lokta paper