Moroccan "Beni Ourain" rug was $2200 now $1000


Moroccan "Beni Ourain" rug was $2200 now $1000


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What is a "Beni Ourain" rug?

The term "Beni Ourain" is actually the name of the collective of 17 different Berber tribes that live in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, who have been crafting handwoven rugs in the same way for thousands of years - entirely by hand, one knot at a time. So, any rug woven by any one of these Berber tribes is a "Beni Ourain" rug.

Traditionally the berber tribes are known for raising sheep that produce excellent high grade wool at high elevation, so it goes without saying that the wool that goes into making our rugs is soft and beautiful underfoot.

While some Beni Ourain tribes have preferred colors – always utilizing natural dyes – other tribes have preferred monochromatic design elements which is evident in this rug. The weaver of this rug interprets important designs and patterns that are relevant to daily tribal life and reproduces these motifs in the rug. The abstract designs and patterns in this rug create a sophisticated and simple look which in turn sits perfectly with any modern decor.

You will notice that this rug only has a "fringe" at one end, a characteristic of this style of rug as the weaving frame doesn't allow a fringe to be made at the beginning of the weaving process. 

To get a real sense of the rug they are best viewed in person. Feel free to contact us to arrange a viewing in store or online.

SIZE: Approximately 3m x 1.72m

MATERIAL: 100% wool

COLOUR PALETTE: main colour cream, motif black


AGE: New