Moroccan vintage "beni guild" rug was $3290 now $1500


Moroccan vintage "beni guild" rug was $3290 now $1500


The term "beni mguild" refers to a Moroccan tribe who originate from the Middle Atlas Mountains in the region of Taza. The sheep in these tribes are known for producing the best wool in the world due to its super soft texture. Historically, the rugs made by this tribe were used as beds and blankets for the cooler months, which explains why they have a long pile for extra warmth. Interestingly, the weavers saw the pile side as the back of the carpet and the flat side as the front - if you turn the carpet over you will more easily see the design and narrative.

Like most berber rugs, this vintage rug has been have been handwoven by a women in the tribe, using wool that has also been handspun.  A characteristic of the "beni mguild" rug is not only the heavy thick pile, but the use of deep bold colours like the red in this rug.

The imperfections in this rug are a characteristic of the rug and not a fault. You will see that the edging on this rug is far from perfect and quite worn, along with a slightly lighter patch on the top side of the rug which was probably where a piece of furniture has been. 

To get a real sense of the rug they are best viewed in person. Feel free to contact us to arrange a viewing in store or online.


Pile side: main colour is reds, pinks, oranges with a black boarder.

Flat weave side: black diamond motif with orange, deep purple, red tones.

ORIGIN: Morocco

AGE: Vintage 

SIZE: Approximately 2.9m x 1.93m