meet the makers

We love sourcing products that have good stories, and we love the interactions we have with the producers. So, this month, we are going to share with you some of these stories and introduce you to the "makers". A big part of our business is the design and production of our organic cotton range, so lets meet a few of the makers - there are a lot of people and a lot of hands that go into making each of our garmets and here is an insight into the process!

Meet the lovely Apsara, she is our first contact with our makers . Based in Kathmandu, Apsara has a university degree in accounting and first started with the company as sales assistant in the retail section whilst she was studying. Over time, and once she completed her degree, the company realised how talented she was in sales and design (and also numbers ) and so she was promoted into her current role! This was really lucky for us, as she has a real eye for detail, and is super patient and efficient!! She needs to be as we spend many hours together and share many pots of chai and coffee working on designs together. In her role, she has had the opportunity to travel to India to source new and innovative certified organic cotton fabrics which she introduces to us. Over the years we have become very good friends and we work well together. She has even done some modelling for us!! Once we are happy with the samples we make an order, 

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Our New Website

Finally, after a lot of hiccups we are back Online with a new theme and a more modern look.

The task of getting a Website up and running that looks good, functions smoothly, properly and represents us was a lot more involved than we invisaged. But here we are and we hope it gives everyone a true sense of what we are about.

It’s very easy to start waffling on about ourselves and this business called Ethik but I thought I might try and cover it briefly and hopefully not bore too many.

We simply believe in true ethics in business and use our business to showcase products from wherever in the world that have good stories and good outcomes for the producers.

Obviously there is a lot of detail in that statement but we just automatically apply the sniff test to all aspects of our business and if it smells bad then it probably is!!!!!!, and we move on to something that smells good and IS GOOD.

From Nepal, Turkey, Indonesia, Morocco, Cambodia, Uganda, Australia and far beyond we strive to seek stories and source products that have a way of respecting traditions, empower the producers and Artisans and represent real value for our customers.

We hope to make people think a little about their choices and hope that you enjoy the revamped website.



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