About Us

Ethik offers a range of beautiful handmade products sourced from many of our favourite countries around the globe. Our passion began in Nepal, a country and culture that we love so much. In 2010 we decided it was time to showcase some of the amazing fairtrade/handmade products that the skilled artisans of this country produce. Over time, we extended our passion and began sourcing interesting and unique products from Turkey, Bali, Morrocco, Kenya, Ghana, India and Australia. Our aim is to share the good stories behind the products by developing and nurturing good working relationships with all our producers. We strive to respect culture, traditions, environment and ultimately empowering the artisans. We ensure that our suppliers comply with ethical business practices and that the artisans and workers are paid fair living wages. We also pay fair prices for our products, and our aim is to uplift communities by giving people long-term work. We believe it's everyone's right to have the financial means to access good education, healthcare and consequently, a better future for their children.