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ethik felt || 2 D dino finger-puppet set

ethik felt || 2 D dino finger-puppet set

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Is you child crazy about dinosaurs? Then our set of 5 dino fingerpuppets will be perfect for them. Engage your children in fun interactive play and teach your children sounds and songs about dinosaurs and watch their self esteem and self awareness grow! All our finger puppets are hand made for us in Nepal using a combination of Australian and NZ wool and have been lovingly made using traditional felt making techniques. Each one is therefore unique and has its own personality. 

|| 100% AUD/NZ wool

|| designed by us in AUS

|| handmade for us in Nepal

|| skilfully hand crafted using soap and water as well as needle felting

|| set of 5 t-rex, brontosaurus, stegasaurus, triceratops, pterodactyl

|| measures approx 10cm long 


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