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Fairtrade Handmade Incense|| Pancha Buddha Boxed Set

Fairtrade Handmade Incense|| Pancha Buddha Boxed Set

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Crafted by a husband and wife team in Nepal, this exquisite incense box is made using traditional Buddhist methods and natural ingredients like herbs, plants, leaves, and tree bark. With over two decades of experience, the makers bring a wealth of expertise to this unique and thoughtful product.

The box contains 110 sticks of incense, each stick burning approx 50-60mins. It is non toxic and all natural ingredients. It also includes a handmade incense holder and 7 doop sticks. 

|| box includes 5 different scents which represent the 5 Buddha’s, Aksobhya, Amitabha, Amoghsiddi, Ratnasambhava and Vairochana. Each one represents a different aspect of enlightened conscious to aid in divine life. 
|| every part of this box set has been handmade using natural ingredients and/or using traditional methods

|| handmade in Nepal   



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