Vintage Moroccan "Boujad" rug


Vintage Moroccan "Boujad" rug


So what is "Boujad rug"?

Boujad rugs are hand woven pile rugs made using mainly natural wool fibres and vegetable dyes. They are uniquely crafted by women in a small region between the Middle Atlas Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean called 'Haouz'. 

Like most traditional Moroccan rugs, they were made by women for use within their own homes and are filled with symbolism and often tell a story of the women who created the piece. Therefore, no two rugs are ever the same.

Boujad rugs are typically made using warm red, pink and orange hues, like this one.  The colours are created by natural dyes such as from flowers, berries, leaves and henna. They are handmade using a "knotting technique" which requires less wool and allows the weaver to create intricate geometric patterns that are typical of the Boujad style.

This beautiful rug is not perfect and is worn, however, the age and beauty of this piece of art work will sit easily in any modern home and be a "forever" statement piece. 

Because this rug is old, the "pile side" is quite faded and the hues are soft and subtle. Turn it onto the reverse flat weave side and the colours are darker and closer to the original palette. To get a real sense of the rug they are best viewed in store.

SIZE: Approximately 3.3m x 2m

MATERIAL: 100% wool

COLOUR PALETTE: Pile side main colour is soft pink clay colour, the motifs are soft pastel green, latte and pink, the boarder is brown tones.

ORIGIN: Morocco

AGE: Vintage